Sunday, September 25

What’s With Color? The Long Version Part 3: How to know what colors to use in a room. Color Schemes via an Inspiration Piece.

Here is the third part on What's With Color? This section is about developing a color scheme by using an inspiration piece.

This is an appropriate subject for me today because I just left a client's home where we were talking about what colors to use in her space. She really likes the muted colors of the Tuscany style. To help explain what colors she liked she went to her kitchen and pulled out a small serving dish. This dish had all the colors she liked such as the muted reds, greens, and yellows. We developed her room’s color scheme from this dish.

Inspiration can come from drapery or upholstery fabric, a painting, quilts, accessories, or anything else that has meaning to you or you want to display in the room. Use these colors from the inspiration piece for your color harmony.

Choose at least three colors. Decide which color to use the most. This would be the dominant color. Use this color approximately 60% throughout the room. This color would be used on large areas like the walls and large upholstery pieces.

Next, decide on the second most used color. Use this color approximately 30% throughout the room. It would be used for the window treatments, upholstered pieces like accent chairs and ottomans, rugs, drapery, trim, etc.

The third color would be used approximately 10% in the room and it is referred to as the accent color. This color provides interest, variety, and balance and would be used on accessories like books, lamps, pillows, throws, candles, etc.

Other ways to find a color scheme for your room would be to cut out pictures of interiors from magazines. Don't forget to look at the advertisements too. Also, visit decorator show rooms, model homes, public buildings, historic sites, and private homes. Take a notebook with you to jot down the elements of the rooms you like and take pictures if you can. Keep your ideas in a folder for future reference when you are ready to redecorate.

In the next post we’ll talk about what is so important about color and how it can visually change the dimensions of a room.

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