Thursday, October 27

A Questionnaire on How to Decorate Your Space

What are the first steps in designing and decorating a room? How do you know what to choose? Below is a basic questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts on how to tackle your design dilemma.

1. Who will be using the room and what will it be used for? TV viewing, gaming, listening to music, reading, homework, cooking, entertaining just to name a few ideas?

2. What do you like about the current space? For example: the shape of the room, wall color, furniture piece(s), the view, artwork and accessories. Depending on your answer you may have your focus point for the room or even your design inspiration.

3. What do you dislike in the space and need to change?

4. What pieces or objects do you own that you want to incorporate in the room or space?

5. Do you need anything “new” such as additional seating, tables, more or better lighting, more knickknacks?

6. What furniture pieces are you going to use and what size?

7. Are you going to paint your walls or use wallpaper and what color(s)?

8. What type of flooring will you be using?

9. What are you going to use or not use on your windows?

10. What type of lighting are you using? Do you need general, task, or accent lighting?

11. What is your budget?

This questionnaire was designed to help you organize your thoughts. If you have any questions or comments click the link below.

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