Sunday, October 16

What’s With Color? The Long Version Part 5: What is so important about color? It can visually change the mood in a room.

Color or hue can make a room feel warmer or cooler and colors can evoke different moods in a room.

While making a room appear smaller, warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red can also help to make a room feel warmer. These colors are frequently used in areas that have a northern or eastern exposure since warm hues are “hot” like the sun and fire. They demand attention, stimulate, and help warm up a small, dark, and cold room. Warm colors will always dominate, even when combined with cool colors.

Warm hues can evoke different moods and feelings in a room. Red is high energy, it stimulates, and it is the hottest and loudest color. You may have noticed these colors in many restaurants and dining rooms as it encourages you to spend more, eat more, and to stay longer. Red is known as the color of passion, hearts and roses, comfort, wealth, and grandness and works well with green, gray, blue. Even though orange seems friendly, informal, comfortable, cheerful, and energetic it may cause irritation and tension if used too much. Orange works well with violet and light blue and can be found in many family rooms. Yellow is the most reflective, happy color. It represents sunshine, cheerfulness, brightness, optimism, energy, makes people feel good and yellow reminds us of spring. Yellow may not be the best choice for bathrooms as yellow has a tendency to cause over application of makeup. But yellow is a good choice for accent colors and works well with violet, blue, and green, often wakening up and reviving a dark room.

South and west facing rooms that are frequently exposed to light and sun can be made to feel cooler through the application of blue, green, and violet. These cool colors are “cold” like the sea, sky, ice, and snow and are often associated with peace and calm. Cool hues can also imply different moods and feelings in a room. As a relaxing color, blue is preferred by most people and it works well with other colors including yellow and orange. Green often invokes memories of nature with its refreshing, cool, and soothing tone. Greens are easy colors to live with and they work well with most colors including brown and beige. Violet and purple symbolizes sophistication, and royalty and are also good choices for accent colors. Purples works well with blues, pinks, yellows, whites, grays, and greens.

Color is vitally important. With it you can visually change the dimensions of a room, making it feel warmer or cooler, while implying different moods. By choosing the right colors for your rooms, you create many different effects.

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