Saturday, June 30

Snippets from My Portfolio - Model Design

The purpose of this project was to build a model of a non-denomination chapel including furniture and fixtures. The 2 foot wide by 2 foot high model was made out of plywood walls, floor, and ceiling. The interior walls are textured with cream colored tissue paper and white glue to resemble stucco walls. The”carpet” flooring was an image of water-rings. I made the furniture out of cherry wood left over from my furniture studios.
I also used the model as part of my lighting class. I put small holes in the ceiling and placed little white Christmas lights through holes to mimic recessed lighting. Also, along the walls by the ceiling there was a space for the lighting to wash down the sides of the wall. I used alabaster stain glass as windows to give the space a warm, spiritual-like feeling. The cylinder table/alter was lit inside and the oculus or circular window was also lit which mimicked natural day light.
I photographed the model's interior as if standing in the chapel.

Hospital Chapel Model

Pam's Portfolio 007
Concept - peaceful, serene, spiritual

Pam's Portfolio 008
Interior of Chapel with Cherry Furniture

This was a fun project. It was also a soul wrenching project. Without going into too much detail it helped me come to terms with my father’s death 5 years earlier.

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