Tuesday, November 8

Snippets from My Portfolio - Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis - Bloomfield School District Community Center project
The purpose of this design thesis was to use an existing structure and redesign the interiors for a different purpose. I took a historical school building and converted it into a recreational and wellness community center.
The center’s users would be district families, district personnel, district sports teams, and businesses located in the district. The center would offer programs for: senior citizens, adult education, young children, teen youth area, etc.
The concept of having a multi-use facility would provide timesaving efficiencies for individuals and families. Parents would make one trip to a facility where their children could attend an activity while the adult is using the centers resources.
The design inspiration was family, community, health and wellness. This facility would be a representation of the blending and the inter-relationships among all age groups (intergenerational). It would be more than just a recreational center but a total community center. It would be a combination of leisure, recreational, cultural and family center.
Pam's Portfolio 002
Design Concept
Diversity, Age, Ethnicity, Socio-Economic,
Family, Community, Health, Wellness,
Integration of Three School Districts Merging
Pam's Portfolio 003
Edgewood District Community Center
The Old Trenton High School
Integration of Old and New Structure
Pam's Portfolio 004
Basement Floor Plan
Locker Rooms, Pool, Meeting Rooms

Pam's Portfolio 006
First Floor
Gymnasium, Spirit Store, District Credit Union, Indoor Playland, Childcare Area
Pam's Portfolio 005
Second Floor Plan
Library, Classrooms, Cougar Cafe, Meeting Rooms, Rock Climbing Wall


  1. With the announcement of the closing of Bloomfield as a school, could this become reality?

  2. Amy, it would be really neat if that would happen. The only thing is I don't think anyone at the board office would remember me discussing my project with them when I asked for permission to do the research at the school.