Monday, November 28

What’s your personal style?

Are you more formal or casual or modern?
Today, the “in” decor style cannot be pinned down to one style. We live in an eclectic time period. Maybe we are in transition and in hundred years they’ll be able to name what design style we have been for the last 30 years. Even our fashion style is eclectic but that is for a different discussion. So, if you feel you need to identify what style you are to help you with decorating your space I’ve narrowed it down to three types. It’s pretty simple. In another post I plan on talking about more definitive design styles.

Formal Style
• Symmetry of windows, furniture, or artwork
• Large and tall windows with elaborate coverings
• Tables and wood furniture of dark, polished hardwoods like cherry, mahogany, walnut, rosewood, or exotic hardwoods
• Leathers are shiny
• Classic antique or reproduction furniture and accessories
• Accessories of brass, crystal, porcelain, china, marble, glass, and chrome
• Fabrics are tightly woven, lustrous with little or no texture such as brocades, damask, tapestries, silks or velvets
• Persian and Oriental rugs

• Furniture is overstuffed and arranged on the diagonal or asymmetrical more so than symmetrical
• Tables and wood furniture are light in color like oak, pine, ash, and maple either painted or matte    finishes and can have worn and rugged appearance
• Leathers are matte finish not shiny
• Accessories such as baskets, stoneware, textured pottery, carved wood, aged metal, wrought iron, hammered iron, fabric art, wicker, pewter, rattan, antiqued brass, boxes, quilts, or found items from nature
• Fabrics are loosely woven, more texture and tactile using cotton, wool or synthetic fabrics
• Upholstery in bold floral patterns or soft pastels with ruffles, pleats, buttons, ribbons, or cording
• Floors are hardwood, tile, or stone. Carpeting is sisal, Berber, or  shag style in plain or geometric woven patterns
• The unexpected and a little humor is a nice touch

• Wood furniture should be simple and uncluttered in dark finishes like chocolate, java, cognac in maple or birch
• Metal framed chairs and tables 
• Leathers are a shiny finish more so than matte
• Upholstery in black, white, or neutral tones
• Fabrics are light and airy using natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, silk, or jute
• Accessories are minimal and uncluttered in metals, stone, or glass
• Exposed structural elements such as air ducts, bricks, and plumbing
• Monochromatic tones, black and white, bright bold accents
• Floors are bare using wood, tile, or stone. For warmth and sound control use low pile carpeting or geometric-patterned area rugs
• Track lighting is used to highlight a painting, poster, or print

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  1. I finally have some extra time to catch up on all your posts I missed!

    I feel like my design style is a bit on the eclectic side. It doesn't fall into any one of the categories, but takes a few specifics from each. If I had to pick one that is most like my style, it would have to be Modern. I like simplicity and dark wood finishes and the drama between the dark wood and the light, airy fibers, and bright bold accessories. The simplicity of the surroundings really helps bring interesting artwork and collections to the forefront and into focus, and I love that.