Thursday, June 28

Snippets from My Portfolio - Furniture Design

As part of my interior design degree, I needed to take one furniture design studio. I actually took two furniture studios and one woodworking class from the art department.

Pam's Portfolio 009
Cherry Arts and Crafts Bench
Pam's Portfolio 010
Cherry Dove Tail Box and Oak Three Tier Wall Shelf

Pam's Portfolio 011
Inlay Cherry Box and Mahogany Bowl
There is a funny story I want to share with you. Because of these furniture/wood working classes, I found I really enjoyed working with wood. When I graduated, my “stay at home mom” friends gave me a gift card to a local big box hardware store where I purchased a miter saw and a 5 piece power tool kit. So, when my husband put the empty boxes out for the garbage truck all the men on our street came running over to see his new tools. My husband isn’t into building things. He only uses power tools when he absolutely needs to and definitely not for fun! I think the guys were disappointed the tools were not his!

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